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2 O'Clock Tasting
Yoho Brewing Company

Updated on March 30, 2016

When brewer Toshiyuki Ishii randomly ordered a beer in the States some years ago, he never expected to find a flavor unlike most beers sold in his native Japan. However, instead of going back home and fondly reminiscing over a beer that once was, Ishii did the next best thing: he decided to brew his own.

After three years carefully studying brewing techniques at San Diego's Stone Brewing Company, Ishii started his own brewing company, Yoho Brewing, and developed an American Pale Ale that quickly gained popularity among locals. Sensing a good thing in the works, he went on to introduce an American IPA and rich porter that have become all the rage in Japan.

We guess you can say there's a lesson in all of this: if you like something enough, just make your own! We can help start you off. Besides, Ishii probably saved a ton in import costs.


    5.5% ABV

    Yona Yona, or "every night" in Japanese, is an American Pale Ale designed to be the working person's evening beer - you know, the crisp brew you always have on standby in your fridge, the one that's just waiting to be cracked after a long day at work. This award-winning beer has a light, fruity scent reminiscent of sparkling cider or grape juice. Low carbonation contributes to its smoothness, with a deceptively earthy hop character upon tasting. The finish is crisp and bitter.


    7% ABV

    Touted as a "taste of magic," Ao Oni ("blue demon" in Japanese) was named after the famous mythical beings of Japanese folklore. A classic IPA, this beer pours coppery with a foamy lasting head. With a fruity, caramel malt aroma, the Ao Oni gives off a grapey aftertaste and dry, bitter finish.


    5% ABV

    The Tokyo Black porter is something that seems best suited for consumption around a campfire. With a deep, dark brown pour and quickly dissipating head, the porter has smoky, woodsy notes combined with a nutty chocolate aroma similar to a box of chocolates. The taste is akin to an oatmeal stout - it's light in body with a smoky, tart finish. We have a hunch that it would be great for washing down s'mores.