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2 O'Clock Tastings
Rogness Brewing Company

Updated on March 30, 2016

Just outside of Austin in Pflugerville, Texas is a newcomer to the craft beer market, Rogness Brewing Company. Owned by Forrest and Diane Rogness, the brewery began mass production after launching a kickstarter campaign in 2011. With the money they received from the campaign they were able to purchase a 30 bbl brewing system. Their first beers, Ost, a porter, and Bella, a Belgian golden ale were released in March 2012.

Currently the brewery offers 11 beers, but we should expect many more. Recipes are developed by Forrest, who claims to have developed more than 1000 over the last 23 years of brewing at home. Today we'll be trying out three of his big ideas, Beardy Guard (Biere de Garde), Gigantophis and Yogi.

  1. Yogi

    5.2% ABV

    A chai spiced amber ale, Yogi was developed by Diane Rogness, a yoga lover. Pouring root beer brown, Yogi smacks your nose with chai, clove, cinnamon, and ginger. On the tongue it explodes with the taste of Christmas - gingerbread, cloves, raisin and spice, reminding us of hot buttered rum and spice cake.

  2. Beardy Guard

    6.3% ABV

    Rogness's version of a biere de garde, Beardy Guard is a reddish amber ale sporting a bready and caramel nose with a sweet note of graham cracker. This lovely beer lingers nicely on the tongue with a combination of bready malt and bitter hops.

  3. Gigantophis

    9% ABV

    Brewed using 2 1/2 pounds of hops per barrel, this Imperial IPA is as big tasting as its name. The strong nose is filled with tropical hop aromas with a slight floral scent and notes of passion fruit. The tropical hops are well balanced by a dry bitterness in this full bodied brew.