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Best of 2012
Cooking with Beer

Updated on March 23, 2015

Pairing the intricate tastes of beers with food is inventive and fun, but mixing those flavors right into the food can be even better. From salads to dessert, don't forget that beer can be an ingredient, as well as a drink to wash down your meal. We have picked out our favorite Cooking with Beer recipes from the last year. And you can be sure that we'll continue to experiment with beer in the kitchen and bring you the cream of the crop, so keep an eye out for new recipes in 2013.
  1. Warm Beet Salad with Beer Vinaigrette

    Beets: we love them for their color and the health benefits, but now we have one more reason; their sweetness nicely complements the beer vinaigrette in this delicious salad. Topped with yogurt, lime, pistachios, and mint, this dish will excite all of your taste buds.
  3. Abbey Onion Soup

    Cooking with beer can save time! Using a dark abbey ale adds a layer of complexity to the flavor without having to slow cook it. And you get to control the broiling of the gruyère topping so that you can get it perfect.
  5. Pulled Pork Sliders

    Eating a pulled pork slider leads naturally to drinking a beer, so why not put it directly into the recipe? We add it into the mop used to baste the pork, resulting in meat that is moist and tender, with an additional spiciness from our Jalapeño Saison. There won't be any leftovers when you make these for your next get-together. 

  6. Baked Beer Mac & Cheese

    Make sure to treat your vegetarian friends to a beer-inspired recipe too. But make extra - we have a feeling the meat-eaters will have trouble resisting a serving or two of this beer mac and cheese. Adding an amber or brown ale to your sauce makes for a scrumptious comfort food with the option of using your spent grain on top for a nice texture balance.
  8. Bourbon Dubbel Pecan Pie

    Beer can also make it into dessert, of course. And since we love pie (and Bourbon Dubbel), we've combined the two into a fantastically rich treat. For an extra crunchy and nutty flavor, make this pie with a spent grain crust.