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Best of 2013
Cooking With Beer

Updated on March 23, 2015

We don't just love making and drinking beer, we love cooking with it too. When added to your favorite appetizers, dinners, and even desserts, beer adds a whole new level of flavor and complexity to your standby recipes.

We couldn't have had more fun cooking up our own beer-infused recipes over the year, and we sure had a hard time narrowing down just a few of our most talked-about recipes to share with our dear readers. But when it comes down to it, there are some recipes that are near-guaranteed to blow your friends and family away -- and boy, these are the ones that will do that. Whether it's braising your best brisket with beer, or adding a splash to your delectable icebox cake, you'll always be glad you kept a few spare bottles of beer in the fridge.

  1. Beer & Spinach Dip

    Yes, we've revolutionized your ol' spinach dip by adding a big, malty beer (like our Chocolate Maple Porter or Chestnut Brown Ale). It's just as addicting as it sounds - don't be surprised if your party guests gobble it up before you get a chance to eat it.

  2. Lambic Sangria

    It may be freezing outside, but we can dream it's summer outside with a sweet sangria recipe. Made with peaches, sweet lambic, and tequila, this ain't your grandma's sangria recipe.

  3. Chocolate Maple Porter Icebox Cake

    Excuse us while we wipe the drool off our keyboards. If you're not making icebox cakes at home, let this beer-infused recipe inspire you to give it a try. We mixed our Chocolate Maple Porter into our homemade whipped cream, and then layered it with chocolate wafer cookies for a cookies n' creme effect. A simple recipe with big results that everyone at the table is sure to love.

  4. Beer Braised Brisket

    We can't even count all the ways we love brisket, especially when you add a dark, full-flavored beer (like the Chocolate Maple Porter or a stout) into the mix. Beer + brisket = a surprisingly flavorful and tender brisket.

  5. Beer & Mushroom Risotto

    You'll knock the socks off your dinner guests when you share that the secret to your rich, creamy risotto is the Chestnut Brown Ale added in.