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Glassware Guide
Nonic Pint

Updated on March 23, 2016

Bottles and cans are great, but we'll be drinking our beers from a glass. The right glass ensures a beer smells and tastes how the brewer intended. The most common and versatile glass is the pint. We prefer the Nonic Pint (with the bulge) over the shaker pint because the wide mouth and flared walls of the shaker allow more of the beer's aroma to escape. A slight bulge near the top of the Nonic glass redirects bubbles towards the center, allowing more aroma to be directed into the nose. The bulge also prevents glasses from sticking together when stacked. Best for: English-style Ales, Pale Ales, IPAs, Porters, Stouts, Amber Ales, Brown Ales Works for: German-style Bock Beers Brew These Nonic Pint Friendly Beers Next: