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Glassware Guide

Updated on March 29, 2016

Bottles and cans are great, but we'll be drinking our beers from a glass. The right glass ensures a beer smells and tastes how the brewer intended. An elegant stemmed glass, the Tulip is best for beers with strong and complex aromas. The sides of the tulip flare outward from a stem attached to a rounded foot, then pinch inward before flaring again at the top of the glass. This flared top disperses and spreads a beer's complex aromas, allowing them to be detected individually. The stem keeps the beer at a constant temperature by avoiding direct hand contact with the beer. Best for: Saisons, Sessionable Belgian-style beers, Sour beers Works for: Double IPAs, other aromatically complex beers Brew These Tulip Friendly Beers Next: