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Hop Profile
East Kent Golding

Updated on March 23, 2016

Hop Profile: East Kent Golding

So far, our Hops of the Month have gone the big and bold route. However, not all beers are of the hoppy variety. Think most things English or Belgian. The last hop we covered was Centennial, Cascade's bigger, more bitter cousin. This week we're cooling out with the East Kent Golding, a low-key but much-used English hop with a unique palate. If you've tried a few English ales or lagers (or perhaps some certain Belgian ales) chances are you've encountered the mellow yet flavorful contributions of the East Kent Golding. If you're interested in brewing (and/or drinking) English style beers, then this hop is an essential addition to your beer lexicon.


    Goldings are a group of hops whose cultivation originated in England from the wild hop variety Canterbury Whitebine. East Kent Golding hops are named such because they are grown in East Kent, while Kent Goldings are grown in mid-Kent, and Goldings are grown elsewhere around England. (Note: Styrian Goldings are bred from Fuggle hops and are not related to the English Goldings)

    East Kent Goldings are the leading English aroma hop. They are perfect for using in English-style ales as well as some lagers. The hop has a pleasant spicy aroma and refined flavor. East Kent Golding also makes a nice addition to some Belgian-style ales.

    Typical Use : Aroma Alpha Acid : 4-6% Country: England Flavors: Sweet, Smooth, Earthy Styles : ESB, Porter, Stout Similar Hops : Whitbread Golding, Canterbury Golding (US), Willamette

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