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6 Killer Beer Dips for Football Season

Updated on May 11, 2015


The air is crisp, leaves' edges are browning and pants are being reintroduced to your wardrobe - it can really mean only one thing: autumn is coming. We don't know about you, but autumn reminds us of football and when throwing a pigskin comes to mind, we think beer (not surprising, as we're always thinking about beer)!

We think killer dips take any football party the next level, and when you infuse one or all with beer, you're really going to score a touchdown with the crowd. Here are six delicious dip recipes that your guests will love - and they pair super well with our beer.

  1. Beer Cheese

    We are generally of the thicker-is-better camp in regard to dips - but we wanted our beer cheese to serve multiple purposes. Thicker when cool and liquid when hot, it's great with chips, in a pasta dish or on a sandwich!
  3. Beer & Spinach Dip

    Spinach dip is a staple when it comes to parties or potlucks. This quick, easy and delicious Beer & Spinach Dip works well with a malty base from a beer like our Chestnut Brown Ale.
  5. Beer & Onion Dip

    A great dish to make ahead of time, the deep, rich flavor of caramelized onions balances our Beer & Onion Dip's creamy consistency. It can be made with any brown ale, and we suggest our Chestnut Brown Ale for a some nuttiness.
  7. Beer & Artichoke Dip

    Your guests will come to watch the game - but they'll stay for the Beer & Artichoke Dip dip! Ours is a deceptively simple and deliciously beer-filled snack that's ready in under 30 minutes - and we go for our Grapefruit Honey Ale or Bruxelles Blonde for the base.
  9. Everyday IPA Hummus

    Our go-to hummus is made with our go-to Everyday IPA. The zingy, citrus notes of the IPA and lemon juice, coupled with garlic, mesh well with the rounded flavor of tahini for this refreshing dish.
  11. Welsh Rarebit Beer Fondue

    Filled with beer, cheddar and sauced tomato, our customized approach to Welsh Rarebit can be served like fondue, complete with cubed bread and skewers! Dark, roasted or smoked beers work perfectly for this recipe, and we think you'll be just as addicted to as we are.