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9 Recipes for Your Labor Day Cookout

Updated on March 22, 2015

Forget that Labor Day marks the end of summer and pack in as much grilling and beer-filled fun into 3 days as you can.

We’ve pulled together 9 of our favorite cookout recipes – from burgers, chicken (3 ways) and shrimp off the grill to make-ahead desserts and pitchers of beer cocktails – to help you plan the ultimate beer-filled Labor Day spread.

  1. Ultimate Beer Burger

    The ultimate cookout calls for the ultimate burger. Try our stout spiked version layered with Hop Mayo, Beer Bacon & Onion Jam, lettuce, tomato and topped with a Spent Grain Bun.
  3. Lambic Sangria

    All day cooking and eating fetes call for pitcher drinks. Mix up a bunch of this lambic sangria ahead of time and just top off the pitcher as it gets low.
  5. Chocolate Maple Porter Icebox Cake

    Icebox cakes are made for summer. Prepare the day before and get ready to see it devoured as soon as it hits the table.
  7. South Asian Beer Wings

    We make these wings under the broiler year-round, but they (like nearly everything else) are even better straight off the grill.
  9. Hop Mayo

    Dip chips into this delightful twist on IPA while you wait for things to come off the grill - then slather all over your burger and grilled chicken sandwiches.
  11. Beer & Ginger Grilled Chicken

    Punch up your grilled chicken recipe with beer and ginger. Grill up a few extras for amazing chicken salad sandwiches all week long.
  13. Peel & Eat Beer Shrimp

    Like the wings, while we make these year-round, they are best straight off the grill and peeled on a picnic table.
  15. Jalapeño Saison Gazpacho

    Beat (and bring) the heat with bracingly refreshing gazpacho. We start with tart tomatillos and sweet tomatoes then turn up the heat with a double dose of jalapeño coming from beer and pepper for a soup that is tart, spicy and entirely satisfying.
  17. Beer Can Chicken

    Packed with orange notes and a bit of heat (plus a bit of awkward positioning) our Beer Can Chicken always entertains a crowd.