7 Recipes For a Beer-Fueled Summer

We’ve picked 7 of our favorite recipes – from delicious ice pops to grilled mains– to kick your beer-fueled spread into full gear. Gather your friends and fire up the grill in celebration of long summer days! If you’re looking for even more cooking tips, check out our recipes Spent Grain Chef and Cooking With Beer on The Mash. Happy Brewing—And Cooking!

  1. Ultimate Beer Burger
  2. Hop Mayo Recipe from Brooklyn Brew Shop 
  3. Beer & Onion Dip from Brooklyn Brew Shop 
  4. Beer & Ginger Grilled Chicken Recipe from Brooklyn Brew Shop 
  5. BBQ Beer Wings Brooklyn Brew Shop 
  6. Lambic Float Recipe from Brooklyn Brew Shop
  7. Shandy Ice Pop recipe from Brooklyn Brew Shop 
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